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FieldsportsChannel's Podcast

Aug 8, 2018

Charlie Jacoby chairs a panel at the Carter Jonas Game Fair Theatre 2018 on driven pheasant and grouse shooting. On the panel are:

  • Patrick Galbraith, editor, Shooting Times
  • Simon Hart MP
  • Mark Osborne, sporting agent and gunmaker, William Powell
  • Sir Jim Paice, chairman, GWCT

Questions and clarifications from the audience come from:

  • Tim Bonner, Countryside Alliance
  • Keith Cowieson, Songbird Survival
  • Christopher Graffius, BASC
  • Nick Kester, British Falconry Club
  • Jerome Starkey, countryside correspondent, The Times
  • Ludwig Willnegger, FACE

Pheasant photograph by kind permission of Alan Ward,

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