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FieldsportsChannel's Podcast

Jul 13, 2021

While British antis put on black balaclavas and carry martial arts weapons, in France they put on clown masks and carry chainsaws. It’s a lot more dangerous and a lot more impassioned. How do you face this threat in the media?

Step forward Richard sur Terre, a YouTube channel that has become one of the major voices in...

Mar 31, 2021

Eduardo Gonçalves brought out three books in 2020 supporting his own Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting and we have found someone who has read them. Charlie Jacoby talks to Jens Ulrik Høgh from the Nordic Safari Club 

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Feb 6, 2021

A slight change in podcast style this episode as David and Aaron thought it would be a good idea to hijack the Fieldsports radio station and call Cia ap Bryn. you may know Cai as our star in the hunt & cook series. However did you know he works in the nuclear industry? Has discovered a taste for testicles thanks to his...

Sep 30, 2020

Oliver Rampley runs a new kind of guiding - a holistic approach to wildlife where hunting is one part of the story. ind out how he sees the world, and how he stalked an extraordinary perruque roebuck this summer.

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Sep 5, 2020

Charlie Jacoby talks to his father, Martin Jacoby about Martin’s life as a natural historian, his views on how natural history and species work, the history of humankind, and why shooting butterflies is a good idea. He puts forward his ideas about DNA, why we hunt, and why hunting is an essential part of humanity.